Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A suggestion for world peace!

I have come up with the best solution for world peace. Everyone needs Chris Holyoak for a neighbor. If they can't have Chris, perhaps they could just talk to Chris every day (okay that really may not work--Chris just can't talk to everyone). Well, now I think I have a better understanding of why our neighborhood works so well. Chris is in the center! It makes me realize that the saying "Christ is the center of our home" is really a profound thought. Chris tries to follow the Savior and our neighborhood (and her family) is blessed. I really am making a short story long, but the bottom line is that Chris makes herself available for people. Tierra wanted a new skirt for Easter. I am not a seamstress, nor do I have any patterns, so off we headed to Chris' house. She set us up with a pattern and directions. About every half hour later we were off to Chris' house to ask another question or to make sure what we were doing was right. Later that night Tierra has a new skirt that she sewed herself, a big smile on her face and twinkles in her eyes. This all happened because Chris Holyoak is my neighbor!