Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We love thy house, O Lord.

Last weekend we took a trip to SLC to attend the DRAPER TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE! We got to go with my sister's family (Katrina) and my mom and dad. Too much fun! We encourage everyone to go--there is still time. My sister's blog had a picture of her family in front of the picture of Christ. We copied her (as we often seem to do). We loved the open house; I think that my boys favorite part was the cookies at the end! I'm glad that we could go with our family!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A new call

I recently was called to the Stake Primary presidency (as the secretary). I am excited for this new challenge and really excited to be working with some awesome ladies (Cindy Bleggi, Jill Tatton, Kim Shafer, Cindy Erekson, and Ninarose Harmison). Jimmy thinks it will be more play than anything. So be it! I am sad about being released from Webelos. After the initial shock of being called to webelos leader, I actually became quite attached to the boys and all the fun. I think that I was just having too much fun! I officially give my permission to put me right back into Webelos after this stint in the stake.

Easter or Valentines??

Valentines was fun this year. Jimmy gave the girls (me included) a chocolate rose and the boys a kit kat with instructions to find more candy. He thought that they would look for them leisurely throughout the day (like when the opened the fridge for a glass of milk, etc.) oh no! These kids hunted high and low until every chocolate was found. It was a lot of fun to see them scramble around. I didn't realize that the game included me and I found my chocolates leisurely throughout the day. What a surprise to find chocolate in my purse, in the microwave, and in the shower. What a fun guy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy B-day Jameson and Aaron

My boys recently had birthdays. Jameson is now 7 (pictured above) and Aaron turned 10 on the 5th. (I have no idea what I did with his pictures. I hate to think that we didn't take any, but that is very possible!) Aaron is now in my webelos group. He has been attending since I was called, but now he can officially get all the activity badges. I've also got a new calling. I get to be the Dry Pack Specialist. I know this calling will greatly benefit my family, and will be pretty low-key.

Honor Society

Derek is a new member of the Honor Society. The top picture shows him signing in. Athena is at his side. She was able to escort him up. She gave him a piggy back ride! The bottom picture is of his fellow classmates. We found out at 6:30 that he was "in". So we had 20 mins. to get ready. We had a little communication error with our other teenager. Anyway, we are immensely pleased with Derek.