Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I hate being sick!

This is going to be a wimpy post...so if you continue to read....you do so at your own risk! I HATE BEING SICK! Wow! Already I feel better. Derek, Aaron and I all tested positive for Strep Throat. Yuck! I am being a baby about it too! I hurt, I can't get comfortable, reading isn't appealing, eating isn't appealing, sleeping isn't appealing...so what else can I do but blog! (I can't even remember if I am spelling appealing right.) My sister had Strep over thanksgiving weekend and she was so pleasant, cute and fun (and let me and mom win at cards!). I just want to hit anything that comes close to me. Derek has been playing the piano and eating and kicking the soccer ball and driving me crazy! Aaron has been laying on the couch watching movies. And I have been moaning and whining and driving everyone else crazy. Trina even called to cheer me up and I whined at her (poor dear)! Okay----the rant is over. Being sick has helped me to appreciate my healthy body. I know I will feel better soon and this will make me a better person?!?!?!?!