Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Derek took 5th!

I can't help but be proud. I know it is silly and probably vain, too--but I love it when my kids excell! This is Derek's first year at cross country (xc). He is a junior and decided to run to get in shape for soccer. Yes, this is also the reason that Derek plays basketball: to get in shape for soccer. Is there a theme here? My son is always getting in shape for soccer. (Yes, we do eat, sleep, drink, and think soccer year round at the Hawks home!) So, cross country isn't a sport that he has taken very seriously. Yes, he works hard during practice, but it is not his passion. Today was region and he took 5th overall. He placed 1st for the team. The boy's team was able to qualify for state. (we took 2nd at region, whew!) Derek paced himself during the race and SPRINTED for the finish line. I must admit, my eyes got a little sweaty! I love it when he digs down deep and finishes strong. It makes my heart leap! I am struggling with the pictures, so I will try again later when I am not tempted to use a baseball bat on this computer. ;)