Sunday, August 23, 2009


So this post is about Athena, my college student. (where did the time go?) Several weeks ago, I said to her, "Athena, Grandma Secrest wants to get you some staples to take to college." Take a minute and think what this statement means to you....... Athena had a strange look on her face and said "staples? Why would grandma want to by me staples?" I then described that staples were necessary items to fill a food pantry with, you know, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, etc. She had thought that grandma wanted to get her staples for a stapler! Wierd? Or maybe take her to the store Staples. I wanted to see if this was just an Athena thing or if it was generational. So I asked her friend Shea. Shea had a blank look instead of a confused look, but didn't know the phrase either. Athena explained the concept and he said "oh". It is a silly thing, but this account has been fun to share. I truly believe that it is the small things that bring us joy. "staples?"