Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rock show fun!

Whytney's treasures
Aaron's geodes.  They actually glow under black light!
Every year, we like to attend the Rock and Mineral show.  The kids love it so much!  It is held at the Spanish Trail Arena and there are numerous vendors.  Our favorite vendor gave a bag to each kid and let them take 1 shark's tooth, 1 marble, 1 seashell, 1pencil, 2 togs, 1 international coin and paper that allowed them to get a free item from the grab bag.  Whytney came away with a shark's tooth bracelet.  Arthur and Jameson got a speck of gold (worth $20?)  I got 2 rock necklaces for $5.  Aaron purchased a geode and got several for free.  Arthur purchaed a rock night light.  Jameson got a bag full of large magnets.  We love this event every year!

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